Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Guest Freebies

I found Sandie's Gorgeous elements on the Creative Busy Hands site.  Like Craft Crave, I love to click 
through their directories.  Just this last week someone was asking me for a PNG of a vintage time piece.
Voila.  I guess she's pretty good with the Law of Attraction.

B Cuz I Can has a whole theme with this mint rose going this week... Hmmm, wonder if it will pop all 
together in a kit soon? She doesn't have a link for kits.  I love this wish list journal paper(above right).  I was
 watching a YouTube video of Jack Canfiled (love him!) and he was talking about keeping a vision book of 
your goals and dreams.  Not only keeping one that looks like it's been cut out like a ransom note but 
keeping a nice one that's been scrapped beautifully.

I am having some serious skill envy here.  She is being exceedingly generous and offering these for free.

I love the simple flower print.  I super love the colors.  I love the journal paper stripe.... I love... I love... I
love... Yeah, we know, it's Dee.  Can't help myself.  Gushing again.  A dragon fly from teal beads?  Who is
genius enough to think of something like that... Oh, Dee.

Shameless self promotion left, and darling papers and a cute gingham red bow right.  I love that bow.

I love these Scrappiness Down Under Frames.  Hmmm, I think I have some papers that would go with this.


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Dee said...

Oh my goodness Granny I'm speechless! Thank you again for the highlight, hugs Dee