Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday's Guest Freebies ~ Far Far Hill

Granny Pack 79 Freebies Directory

And this is why I am called Granny Enchanted, even though I'm 41 with no Grandchildren. I make granny dolls. (Makes sense now, doesn't it?)


Bugs 78 Freebies Directory

What Happens when I'm too lazy to put an expired Facebook Freebie in a store?
Yup, It's a blog freebie until I get around to it. Enjoy!

GrAnNy EnChAnTeD FaCeBoOk FrEeBiE
This Facebook freebie expired after 6/12/2013 but you can get it today.

Terms of use on this kit are CU/PU/S4H


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Guest Freebies ~Raspberry Road Designs

ScrapBook Software - MyMemoriesSuite

October Magic AddOn Kit

My Wonderful Walls

Thanks for stopping by! Shameless self advertising:
"September Beary Scallops" CU/PU/S4H
September Papers CU/PU/S4H

Watermelon Kit 68 Freebies Directory

This Facebook Freebie Expires After 5-11-2013
Mark my words... someday I'll get around to putting this in a store....erm... someday...maybe. The paper that has black dots with fading pink, white, green is my favorite! I figured it was mean to just leave it up saying it expired... so for now anyway, here's your freebie downloads of this kit. It should pop up your download screen when you click on them.

W68FD Watermelon Kit 68 Freebies Directory

5 Free 4x6" Teal Lime Digital Scrapbook Printable Notecards

I love CU PU things, don't you? Commercial Use OK. Personal Use OK. S4H OK. And I pretty much don't care if you ever give me credit for them. I hereby relegate these note cards to the PUBLIC DOMAIN.
In Google Docs/Drive choose File and Download.

TLNCCU 5 Free 4x6" Teal Lime Digital Scrapbook Printable Notecards