Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Guest Freebies

Tresor Quick Page
This is a gorgeous quick page with tons of journaling
room.  I think I'd flip it so I could have 2 papers to
write on.  I would love to do that with my girls, write
out all their endearing quirks and dreams to show
their dates when they're 16. 

If you spend some time searching on her blog she's
giving away several cute clusters in this yellow theme
this week.  This would look good with a black and
white checked paper.

Okay, she has quite an impressive set going here.
These match papers and elements from this week.
I love that satin shadowy overlay.  It's one of my
favorite tricks to give something dimension. **(see
below for instructions)   Can I just say thank you for
the directory.  I'm such a directory nut, but I'm sure
you've noticed that.

More gorgeous Bees!  I adore bees and bee prints.

Aren't these hearts great?  Fun color fades and swirls.

I am always excited when I see a DS preview.
Gorgeous as usual.

I don't usually pick up that much word art but I have
several people I scrap about that this would apply to.


Fun... No, super fun element pack here.  I love the
crumpled ribbon.  And those cherries!!! Oh gorgeous.

Lovely alphabet.

I found so many cute, free alphas on the below site.  I really think you'll like browsing through her work.

**For that shadowy-satiny overlay on papers use the pink satin fabric in Photoshop Elements layer styles (At least my elements 3 has this)  I duplicate whatever layer I want "wrinkled."  On the top duplicate layer I go into layer styles...patterns... and find that pink wrinkled satin fabric.  I apply that to the duplicate layer.  I simplify the duplicate layer.  Now the satin is the right shape and size to overlay.  Now I go to the top bar where I find enhance color, remove color.  Now I have gray satin fabric.  If you ghost it and simplify it you can keep ghosting and simplifying until it doesn't hamper your underneath colors but gives you just enough dimension to make your creation look really cool.   Sorry to all the non-Photoshoppers, who I just rambled on to.

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