Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Guest Freebies

I love the feather on this bird's head.  This is such
an imaginative, fresh frame cluster that I couldn't
pass it by.  Have you seen the feathers yet?  How
about those trailing butterflies and dotted swirls.
Whimsy.  Perfect Whimsy.

When I make something this darling my 14 year old 
spies over my shoulder and always gives me an
"Ahhhh," much like you'd give to a fluffy kitten or
some other beautiful thing.  I give this an "Ahhhh."
 At least that's what escaped my lips when I saw it.

Scrappiness Down Under always appeals to the
quilter in me.  I love the fabric-y textures of her
papers.  Always gorgeous.

I love these colors together.  Beautiful... I love the
singing bird.  Hmmm, I use the words I love a lot
 on my freebies posts, don't I?

Sweet is right!!  Beautiful. 

Look at the artwork at the top of the frame.  Perfect.

I don't particularly like purple.  Yet I find myself
making purple kits again and again.  I 'm glad to see
 the purple bug has caught another designer too.
  Beautiful pearls and bows here. 




tsukushi said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my freebies!! My friends made these Clusters. They will be pleased with your praise! Thanks again!

sheyzz said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving some love. I love your blog background too! And thanks very much for linking my freebies. It is part of my series for celebrating the upcoming Spring season. I linked your blog from mine! So happy that I found you. Thanks again!