Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Guest Freebies

Sorry about my stiff, linear post today.  I get to take one of my kids to the dentist and will have no opportunity to pretty it up.

She has matching stripes on there somewhere.  I
bet it will be a paper pack soon.

Lovely... I won't have time today to point you to
them but I encourage you to visit my Paper 
directory and look at free purple/cream papers.

Oh, Gush!  And she has quick pages below the
freebie!  I am so tempted to pull out the $.  I love
this look!!!!!!!!!

Darling embellishment, isn't it?? 

Now I know Dee can do 3 more styles than my
talents allow me... Glitter, Cardboard...Felt?  I get
to choose.  Choosing Glitter, and very impressed.

Doh!  I need more table.  Tsukushi (below left) has created gorgeous frame clusters.  I needed Google
Chrome's Translate function to find where to download.  So beautiful.  That house is ingenious.
Below right, we find a small kit... small?  I see tons of stuff in this small kit.  Beaut-eee-mous!


Dee said...

Hi Sheryl, thank you for linking my freebie, unfortunately I can't take credit for the styles they're Just So Scrappy's aren't they devine! I have yet to master creating my own styles, I never seem to find the time, one day I might lol. Have a lovely day hugs Dee

Administrator said...

Ah! "I see," said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.

Administrator said...

I am looking at my Granny Enchanted polymer doll face here. Hmmm, wondering if I need a new profile pic of myself.