Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's Guest Freebies

free digital scrapbook paper - vintage border
I don't play on Sundays.  Or rather, I play doing family history work or my own scrapbooking.  My blogger 
has a cute little schedule button I'm testing out.  Turns out I can write this Friday night and have it published 
Sunday in the wee morning hours while I sleep.  Let us not dwell on the fact that it has taken me 6 months to
try or even notice the button, but rather celebrate that it is now here. Today I am poking around Call Me
Victorian some more.  I found these vintage looking images.  So gorgeous.

vintage tag
This vintage lady looks like she could be Aunt Betsy from Charles Dicken's "David Copperfield," with her 
feet up on the fender and her skirts hitched a bit. I love the gold hues in the journal paper (top).

I ♥heart♥ these hearts in Dee's kit, Midnight Garden.  Clever... But that's so like her.

Laurie Made Me Scraps has so many fun elements in her kit.  She is very generous.  Farmer Lisa (above 
right) gives you something in her kit that if you don't have, you should at least want... a stitch; a country cross 
stitch.  I can think of half a dozen things to do with it right now.  

Visiting this Far Far Hill page will be a treat if you love vintage images.

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