Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Guest Freebies

These match several recent papers.   

These colors are fun together.  I like the rope in
this cluster.

This frame is gorgeous!!!  How fun and fresh!

I don't think I've ever done photo
corners before.  What's wrong
with me.  These are beautiful.
I used to use them all the time
before I went digi.  Perfect!

Let's be honest here.  Have you even started
scrapping your Christmas photos yet?  Chop
Chop!  New year and all that.  Did you know
if you fall behind you should start with the
most recent photos first because you
remember their details best for journaling.

Oh! Oh! Oh!!! Those hearts on pink background
are a show stealer!!! Beautiful!

Huh?  Huh?  What did I tell

All these cuties from
StaryNight.Com are
an Omen from on

You should be hearing 
Twilight music and an 
eerie voice saying, 
"Scrap Christmas 2011
... Scrap..."


Brooklyn said...

Oh Wow! Thank you so much for posting my freebie on your blog!! A great surprise! Thanks! :)


witchypoo said...

Thank you for posting my Freebies on your blog as well !! Appreciate the compliments !!