Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday's Guest Freebies

This is a beautiful collection of prints, isn't it?  I'd use
the tan diamond print or blue from my pack (right)
with it.  So fun!  It makes me think of spring.

This is one of my older paper packs.  Once you
make a monotone paper you like it is so easy in
Photoshop to make it in an array of colors.  Having
something basic like this makes putting kits together 
so easy.

The tag on the frame caught my eye.  Beautiful.

An alphabet to match those papers.  Nice.

Darling cluster!

These "Bare" tags are so perfect for journaling.

I love the whole series of these.  I'm in love with the
colors, ribbons, and roses.  So dainty.  So classy.

The paper in the background with the argyle dots
and tiny hearts.... Oh, how divine! This is part of a 
seven day giveaway.  I'll be there!!

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