Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Baskin Robbins" JPG Lower Case Free Scrapbook Alphabet

I sent my daughter to a birthday party with a cute little gift.  She came home with a large white bag full of goodies.  I think that would be the best kind of party; One where all the people you love come and you give the gifts!  So here she was with a bag of presents and I saw it... the crepe paper (Suspiciously in the polka dot pattern you see here with nearly exact colors because color matching, I can do.).  After staring at this for so long I think I'll go out and find something covered with dippin' dots to snack on after lunch.

Paper, backgrounds, and extras are available on the Capital letter post of this alphabet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Baskin Robbins" JPG Free Scrapbook Alphabet

 Every year for my birthday we buy Baskin Robbins clown cones for my whole family. Hmmm, one more picture on all of this?  Yikes. Tell you what, you may go here to see them.  Oh, the promise of sweets and frosting.  This has been a tradition in my life since before I was ten.  I turn forty next year.  If Baskin Robns ever goes under I'm going to stop having birthdays.  Every alphabet and paper I do begins as something else in my head and takes it's own course of becoming whatever it wants to be despite my vision.  When I finished my first A last night I thought of my clown cones and Baskin Robins logos.