Thursday, January 19, 2012

Efie's Free Western Kit

I have a beautiful treat for you today!  Go Wild West!! LOOK at this wanted poster!  
I see little boys being scrapped with these freebies. 
I thought this alphabet would look good with Efie's kit.

**Light drop shadow alert**
(You like free.  No complaining. 
This is an old alpha for me)
I love the Western theme of Efie's freebie!!  TOU:
It is fine to use my creations in your freebie kits
if you give me credit and make sure your kit is
free. (all of which Efie did). Thanks Efie.  
It gives me something to post and I'd love to
promote fellow scrappers, especially ones with
tons of talent like Efie.

You may pull the red star and tan star, maybe the red paper and tan papers or the star paper, or the "snowman paper" (below right)  (why did I name it that??) I think they'd look good with Efie's kit.

I have some faded corduroy paper in my paper directory that would look good with Efie's kit.
I love you dearly but I'm not going to go find it for you. xoxoxo

This is such a fun alpha. Here is an old plaque I did 
for a relative. For the hammer (right) left click to enlarge.
Right click enlarged image and "Save Image As..."
to download.

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Anonymous said...

thank you , but if you could put ALL Png letters in 1 folder ( like all designers do ) it would make things a lot easier than d/l 26 x each letter separately