Wednesday, September 28, 2011

General Instructions and Tips

Here I will tell you how to 
1) Acquire a 4x4" 300 pixels/inch JPG
2) Acquire a 12x12" 300 pixels/inch JPG paper
3) Acquire a transparent background PNG file

1) How to acquire a 4x4" JPG:
With a JPG picture the good ol' copy and paste works.  However if you do it from my blog page you'll get the smallest and lowest quality picture.  When you paste and stretch it to a larger size it will look pixelated. What you want to do is left click on the JPG image you'd like to  acquire.

Now you'll be on a new screen where the JPG will be nice, large and, if I did a good job, not pixelated.  Here you right click on the JPG.  You'll have choices.  This is just about life size for my alphabets.  I create them 300 pixels per inch and 1,200 x 1,200 pixels (4x4").  A copy and paste usually works great here, letting you paste a great quality JPG into paint, Microsoft Word or Excell, Photoshop.... You can fill in that list.  You can choose to save the picture here also.  

My blog is designed the way it is because as I search for freebies I don't like to download a zip file of digital freebie supplies.  What if I didn't want all those papers, or only needed a few letters?  What if I didn't want the extra files taking up space on my hard drive?  I wished I could pick just one.  Sometimes if you have a wish in life you can make it come true by yourself.  This is how Granny Enchanted was born.  I fully intend to have Thee largest online library of free digital scrapbook supplies available as separate files.  Right now I have well over 1,000 images in my library.  I do zip alphabets because of popular demand.  You'll see my papers in kits again and again though so I don't generally zip papers.  You really don't want that handy aged tan or cream again and again do you?

2) How to acquire a 12x12" JPG paper:
Scrapbook papers on my blog are 4x4" papers and you can follow the instructions above for that size.  However, if you are like me and would like a high quality 300 pixels per inch image that is large, does not need to be stretched to fit anything, and is full of crisp detail you want a 12x12" paper (3,600x3,600pixels). The Costco by me actually makes 12x12" prints!  Yes!  For me to provide this I've used Google Docs. Blogger cannot get them large enough to be the quality I'd like to share with you. The 12x12" paper is a JPG file.  Copy and Paste is not an option for a 12x12" paper.  If I have created a 12x12" paper I will put a link below the pattern.  It isn't the most obvious link, but it works.  Please comment and tell me if a link is not working.  If you click on the image you'll only see the large 4x4" image.  You need to follow the link to get the 12x12" image.

 This 12x12" Paper link may also look like this:

Following the link takes you to the Google Docs page where you can download the JPG file.  Take care to note where you save the file on your computer and what you named it.  You'll need that information when you open the file with scrapbook software or you computer.  I can't say about other software but if you open the file in Photoshop it will be 12x12" and 300 pixels per inch, looking great on your screen. 

Please, if you ever try to download one of my Google Docs and it won't let you, leave me a comment on that blog post.  On very rare occasions I make a mistake with my sharing settings and leave one private on accident.  I check my comments every day and will fix it asap.

3) How to acquire a transparent background PNG file:
 My first interest in starting this site was only months ago when I saw a PNG file for the first time.  I had been photoshopping for years but had never realized that something as COOL as a PNG file existed.  I didn't have to cut out whatever I wanted.  It was just floating on transparent paper, already cut out and waiting for me to plop it down and drop a shadow.  Not all software can accommodate PNG files, but most scrapbook software can. A copy and paste on a PNG file will look funny when you paste it.  For a PNG file LEFT CLICK TO ENLARGE FIRST THEN right click over the image and "Picture Save as..." or "Image Save as..." You will open the file from your scrapbook software so note the name you're saving it under and the location on your computer when you save it. (I hate downloading something and forgetting where I stored it).

I try to have a PNG version of my alphabets for digi-scrappers.  I love working with PNGs, which you'll see all over the place in my creations. ***(11-01-11)Today I did "Save image as" on a png from my blog  without enlarging first by left clicking and thought it should be larger when I pulled it into Photoshop.  The original file was 4x4" or 1,200x1,200 pixels but my resulting pull in was smaller.  So left click the PNG before using "Save Image As."  Then save it from the larger image.  I'll perfect this one way or another.  Stick with me.

***When I began my site I did not understand the value of a PNG with no drop shadow.  I have a selection of PNGs with drop shadows.  Forgive me and love the word FREE.  I've since repented and it is now very rare for you to see anything I have offered with a drop shadow outside the confines of the object.

** The only problem you might have is printing out your creations.  The better your scrapbooks look the more likely the clerk at the counter is to question if you've broken any copyright laws and are filching someone else's ideas.  I often have trouble getting my prints printed because they look professional.  I'm so flattered.  I smile cheesily at the clerk and hold the picture up to my face, since it's usually me and my family in the picture, to show, hey I really did this at home for our family album. Usually I have to sign a release form stating I have the right to print it.  Don't feel put out by the inconvenience of it.  Choose to be flattered. The poor clerk is just doing his job.

I hereby give permission for you to use my images in your personal scrapbook creations, modge podged onto wooden blocks, plastered over tee-shirts, gracing wedding announcements... (Terms of Use are generous for personal use).  I've created them for you because I wish someone had created them for me.  ENJOY!  ~Granny Enchanted


Linda said...

Thanks for this instruction, and thanks for giving generous use terms.
I am learning Photoshop, and PNGs are my new favorite.

Geri said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Linda. I am also learning PSE but I've learned to like PNGs a long time ago (will between March 2011 and Dec 2011). Oh, thanks for the tip re COSTCO pickyness in printing.

Trish Macomber said...

You are generous, clever, skilled, and talented. Thank you so much for offering your creations for us to use. I have to say that Costco is great for printing 12 x 12 pages. However, I don't have a Costco within 50 miles of me, so I upload my pages to Persnickety Printing. Their print quality and shipping speed is awesome. For $3 a page, it arrives in 4 day max, in perfect shape. I love them.

Administrator said... oOOh! Nice prices. Thank you for that tip!

Sheree said...

Such lovely papers on your blog! I am going to attempt to download and print using your fabulous directions.
Thanks for being such a generous, thoughtful person. You make it easier to create beautiful creations when one doesnt live close to many scrapbooking stores.

Administrator said...

Thank you Sheree. I hope the instructions make sense.

Spencer and Jane said...

Sorry to sound dumb, but tell me where to go to learn about "dropping shadows" and how and where to do it. And WHY you don't like them on your PNG's. I'm obviously a newbie.

Administrator said...

As a provider of digi scrapbook supplies I try to respect the scrapbooker's need or want to drop a shadow themselves. Maybe they don't want a drop shadow. Maybe they don't want one on the left, but need it on the right. Here's a photoshop elements tutorial on drop shadows:

If you don't have Photoshop elements you could try the online photo editor:

Spencer and Jane said...

Thank you so much! What a quick is so appreciated!