Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Just for Holly"

This is an in between post.  Holly and I have been tossing around the same daisy for years.  It has a tiny bug in the yellow center.  The petals are crumpled and missing in places.  I hereby christen this our new daisy.  May it have a long and useful life.  Did you know to make gingham you take solid vertical stripes, make a png file then ghost the png file?  Duplicate the ghosted layer and turn it 90 degrees.  Voila a gingham, complete with dark squares at the intersections.  Even better you only need to do it once if you remove color and then enhance the color to a shad you enjoy. Or you may just use mine and not worry about any of that Greek if you aren't a photoshop user.

Below is my handy dandy little black strip.  Looks boring, doesn't it?  Well, if you'd like to fake pictures being on a film strip it sure comes in handy.  Because it is a transparent background PNG you can drop a shadow from it, pulling dimention into your page.  It also lets the background papers peek through.

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