Friday, September 9, 2011

"70's Striped Pants" Png Free Scrapbook Alphabet

To get this look I had to duplicate the letter.  On the letter layered on top I painted grunge.  On the lower letter I "select layer transparency."  I do this on the lower letter because, well, how embarrassing to say it, I color outside the lines on the top layer, spraying paint everywhere.  When I do a "stroke outline selection" for the brown border the top layer would have been skeewampus all over the place.  Google spell check is telling me skeewampus isn't a word.  I guess the Google masters aren't from Utah.  Anywho, the bottom... wait, anywho isn't a real word either?  Sheesh... sheesh too?  Doh!  And doh?  Oh, man.  Okay, let me try mainstream American English here.  The bottom layer is still perfect because I didn't color on it.  I can select it, outline it (The outline is fatter than the letter & shows behind my beautiful painting), and copy merge from there, effectively cutting off my scary coloring outside the lines business.  To non-photoshoppers forgive the Greek.  Besides, Google says photoshopper isn't a word either so what do they know?

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