Friday, September 9, 2011

"70's Striped Pants" JPG Free Scrapbook Alphabet

  I could have never chosen this color combination on my own.  I saw a stripe that caught my eye and thought, I can fix that up.  I've been having so much fun with the Photoshop paint tool.  It comes in handy when it's time to grunge things up.

I found a bear jpg and worked with him to get his tones even (Never did work but he was the best beat up bear I could find at the time).  The png file of the bear below has an extra arm.  Sometimes you need to create something to go just right with your picture.  If you use the arm, drop a shadow and erase the real arm under it.

After I had my alphabet going I thought, If I was me, which I am, I'd want high quality 12x12" papers to go with this. I've included a 4x4" solid green paper. The secret to getting a solid colored paper the color you want is to select a solid colored section on whatever print you like.  Copy it. Paste it.  Then stretch it to high heaven to fit your page.  Most of the time a solid color doesn't pixilate.  Voila, solids to exactly match any project you're working on.

I'm a 70's child and mortified by it.  When I finished this letter I couldn't help thinking of my childhood and the disco guys with the striped pants and clumpy high heeled man shoes.  

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