Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Pastel Dots" PNG Free Scrapbook Alphabet

 This polka dot looks really good on tan.  I have the whole 4x4 image on png with no background so I can pop colors behind the dots.  I guess it's mean for me to tell you how great it looks when I know it could be ages before I create it.  I'll toss the 4x4 transparent png dots paper onto the bottom of this post so I can sleep tonight guilt free.  Now you can at least try it yourself if you get tired of waiting for ol' Granny.

It is so fun to "watercolor" an age stain around paper.  Who knew?  On a day when I'm particularly patient I'll age a PNG tan alphabet.  For now all I have is my "Aged Stamps"  Hope this blog has a search engine because I'm pretty close to over a thousand images by now.  That's why I'm keeping a directory.

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