Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Guest Freebies

Guest Freebie 1:

Oh!  Thank you soooooooooooooo much! LOVE!

Guest Freebie 2:

Guest Freebie 3:

Cute word art!  Word art can make a page.
Guest Freebie 4:

Love this background paper!
Guest Freebie 5:

If I was smart I would keep a neat frame like this full of monthly printables...  Hmmm, how smart
do I feel today?
Guest Freebie 6:

Cute Afros is right!  How darling! Check the train.
Granny Enchanted's Freebies:
Individual Seven-Layer Dips

Grilled Honey-Cumin BBQ Pork Packs
Grilled Honey-Cumin 
BBQ Pork Packs

Crisped Brown Rice with 
Beef, Vegetables, and Eggs

1 comment:

Lolly Jane said...

Thanks for featuring our fall printable (:

XOXO, Kelli and Kristi