Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Guest Freebies -Raspberry Road Designs

Guest Freebie 1:

Because everybody should have a frame cluster
with a fork and blueberries!  What was I not
thinking?  I need it.
Guest Freebie 2:

Oh! I have a purple kit in this directory with
perfect papers to go with these frames...FREE!

Guest Freebie 3:

My purple freebie kit is right HERE. I wasn't going
to look it up for you but then I realized you just
sat down.  You're probably comfortable.  I might
just as well go fetch a link.  I've been resting
longer than you anyway. Here's another.
Guest Freebie 4:
Bountiful Add On Kit
A sweet lady that runs a store I sell in said
I should include freebies with my for sale kits..
as in you pay for the for sale kit to get the
freebie...but then it's not a freebie, is it?  I
totally agree with you.  If I say freebie, I mean
freebie... Just like Raspberry Road right here.
Guest Freebie 5:
Guest Freebie 6:
Granny Enchanted's Freebies:

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