Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Wood Slat" PNG Free Scrapbook Letters

**Light drop shadow alert**
(You like free.  No complaining. 
This is an old alpha for me)

I love the Western theme of Efie's freebie!!  TOU:
It is fine to use my creations in your freebie kits
if you give me credit and make sure your kit is
free. (all of which Efie did). Thanks Efie.  
It gives me something to post and I'd love to
promote fellow scrappers, especially ones with
tons of talent like Efie.

 I was a tomboy as a child and loved to hammer on an old pile of wood.  Using the right color scheme, this alphabet would also look good with my "Aged Stamps" or other vintage designs.  You can fun it up for girls with brown, tan, and pink flowers. This would be perfect for a treehouse page.

For transparent background PNG pictures right click image and "Save Picture As..."


NANA said...

Thank you soo much

CrystalNVa said...

I adore your alpha`s I just luv`m I luv all your sharings Im sure I have this set I cant remember & to not lie I just dont feel like opening my external HD & waiting for it to all DL to see so lol besides that I truely try to ALWAYS say THANK YOU ;~} and I see that im not on your comment yet~so here goes~THANK YOU ;~} for sharing your talent

Administrator said...

Thanks Crystal.