Monday, August 22, 2011

"Sweet Pink" JPG Free Scrapbook Alphabet

What do you do if you love scrapbooking and you have no natural good taste?  Look for inspiration.  It is everywhere.  You'll find it in the mags at the doctor's office.  It's on the ads in your mailbox.  Somewhere you're going to find colors or graphics that make you smile.  You just need to look for them.  There has been no better time in the history of the world to have no natural good taste of your own than right now.  Hooray Google Image and great firewalls. and so many other sites have freebies that will make you look good.  And they have so many inexpensive layouts to buy if the freebies aren't enough for you.  I don't pretend to have good taste on this blog.  I'm just having fun and helping you out by putting my selection in one place for you.  In fact, I admit I have no good taste of my own.  I am, however, artsy fartsy and I can create new things as I bounce off other's good ideas and great taste like crazy.  What makes you smile when you see it?  It doesn't have to start as your idea because, as you scrapbook your heart out, the page will become yours, cementing sweet memories for your whole family.

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