Monday, August 29, 2011

"Blue-Tan Plaid" Free Scrapbook Alphabet

I made my own plaid this weekend.  It was kind of fun. I decided if I were really making a page with these I'd want a non-pixelated 12x12.  Guess what?  Google Docs lets me upload a 12x12 JPG file! So there's a link to those downloads at the bottom.  FYI my letters are always 4"x4" 300 pixels per inch.  I'm finally getting even with my husband after 15 years of marriage.  I patiently look at watches and jeeps with him, listening as best I can, trying to will myself into interest.  Now I'm following him around the house with scrapbook magazines... and he's pretty good at faking interest too.  Not even a flicker of his eyes glazing over.  I'm sure he's thinking of a Jeep while I'm prattling on.

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