Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Granny Enchanted Photoshop Elements Tutorials.

Someday I'll have a wealth of tutorials. I might even need to put them on their own blog. Alas, This is what I have now.... But I bet they'll be coming pretty fast.  Who knew it was so easy to make a tutorial and post it on Youtube? I've made this for designers but it is certainly applicable to personal scrappbookers too. I do sound like a ten year old. I'll sound like a ten year old when I'm 80. It does come in handy.  When telemarketers call they say, "Is your mommy home?" In all honesty I say,"No," and they leave me alone.

How to make a frame out of any paper you want in Photoshop Elements:

How to make the letters in this quick page:

How to create stripe and plaid papers in Photoshop Elements

How to make your own scalloped papers in PSE (video tutorial):

How to use a Paper Template in PSE- Demonstrating my Belish Swirl Paper HERE.

My only Pixlr Tutorial... Basic moving and resizing.

How to use the Make-A-Kit kit in Photoshop Elements

Find the Make-A-Kit Kit and matching freebies HERE.


 How to make a digital scrapbook brad in Photoshop Elements:

How to make a dimentional letter.

Photoshop Elements 10 Tutorial on Making Digi Frames.

How to link a Google Docs download directly to your image (for designers) -This tells you how to build a link but you still have to click your image and link it in blogger....But still...wish I'd known this eons ago.

How to Make a Forked Ribbon Element in Photoshop Elements

Where I learned to make my blinkie:
Where I put it together into an animated GIF:
Picasion - Create GIF animations online 
Thank you to all of these great blogging resources! I hope you enjoy them too.


CraftySue said...

No idea if you are still active but thanks a bunch I was looking for purple flowers and your alphabet is perfect for my mixed media page. Thank you!

Administrator said...

You are very welcome!

Laurie Payton said...

so kind of you to share these videos. Thank you!