Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kit 44 Tea Rose Directory

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This kit has been moved to CallMeSimple.Com 3/23/2022.


Crystalnva said...

I just luv this girly kit its AWESOME...THANK YOU ;~}
Do you use PSP to make the banners for shadows?

Crystalnva said...

LoL should`a kept on reading & just saw your tou on the shadowing..THANK YOU ;~}
P.S. your voice is cute you should contact Disney cause they are always looking for voices (its easier to contract an adult than a child for voice overs) just saying....

Administrator said...

I never thought of that... Hmmm, that would be fun. Glad you like the kit. I don't generally leave the drop shadows outside the boundaries of the image on anything anymore. But I do put them on the previews. I should mention that, shouldn't I? Like Drop shadow for preview only.