Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Granny Enchanted Photoshop Elements Tutorials.

Someday I'll have a wealth of tutorials. I might even need to put them on their own blog. Alas, This is what I have now.... But I bet they'll be coming pretty fast.  Who knew it was so easy to make a tutorial and post it on Youtube? I've made this for designers but it is certainly applicable to personal scrappbookers too. I do sound like a ten year old. I'll sound like a ten year old when I'm 80. It does come in handy.  When telemarketers call they say, "Is your mommy home?" In all honesty I say,"No," and they leave me alone.

How to make a frame out of any paper you want in Photoshop Elements:

How to make the letters in this quick page:

How to create stripe and plaid papers in Photoshop Elements

How to make your own scalloped papers in PSE (video tutorial):

How to use a Paper Template in PSE- Demonstrating my Belish Swirl Paper HERE.

My only Pixlr Tutorial... Basic moving and resizing.

How to use the Make-A-Kit kit in Photoshop Elements

Find the Make-A-Kit Kit and matching freebies HERE.


 How to make a digital scrapbook brad in Photoshop Elements:

How to make a dimentional letter.

Photoshop Elements 10 Tutorial on Making Digi Frames.

How to link a Google Docs download directly to your image (for designers) -This tells you how to build a link but you still have to click your image and link it in blogger....But still...wish I'd known this eons ago.

How to Make a Forked Ribbon Element in Photoshop Elements

Where I learned to make my blinkie:
Where I put it together into an animated GIF:
Picasion - Create GIF animations online 
Thank you to all of these great blogging resources! I hope you enjoy them too.


CraftySue said...

No idea if you are still active but thanks a bunch I was looking for purple flowers and your alphabet is perfect for my mixed media page. Thank you!

Administrator said...

You are very welcome!