Monday, January 19, 2015

Free Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack: FB Choice, "Bellish"

Love these gorgeous colors, don't you?

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Free Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack: FB Choice, "Bellish"


Toni said...

Love, LoVe, LOVE the colors!

Unknown said...

Love these. Olors, especially the plaid and stripes. If I pay attention, I just might learn to coordinate colors and patterns like you do. I was wondering though if the ballast or gray paper came with it kind of looks like it's supposed to but I didn't get mine when I downloaded. Is that something I need to go to the store and buy?
Bobbie (mot Snook)

Administrator said...

The smaller grey preview inside the freebie preview shows the paper template pack used to create the freebie and it is for sale. There is a link to it below the download. It is a collection of psd files and does not have any grey papers. Templates are just seen grey on previews.