Saturday, January 17, 2015

2 Free Digital Scrapbook Girl Background Papers

When I'm designing I create with templates. I love templates because they save me work. I wanted a character that I could manipulate easily to stand in different poses, I wanted to be able to change skin color, eye color, and clothing color. I wanted to choose cross-eyed, close knit eyes, or wide spread eyes. I wanted to have different colors of eyes, hair, and clothes. I even wanted to move the hair around. She has 4 movable curls. I am excited to try stacking them by her head to see if I can make braids. I had fun stretching her to make her thinner and fatter. She is going to be so useful! I had to make a freebie with her! Here is a set of two background pages. Enjoy your freebie.
This is the template I used to create the above free papers.

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