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Tuesday's Other Guest Freebies ~Susan Fitch

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6...(okay 8) Guest Freebies:
Today I'd like you to meet my friend, Susan Fitch. Below these darling freebies is a brief interview I had with her. I know you'll enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.
I contacted her when I fell in love... and I mean  IN LOVE  ...with her illustration style.

Here's my interview:
susan fitch design
How much time do you spend illustrating each week?
That's actually a tough question!  I lose all sense of time when I'm drawing, so I don't think I can put a number on it.  But I can tell you that I draw nearly every day.  Once I get my kids to bed, I snuggle into the couch with my art supplies all around and draw in front of the TV while watching Netflix. (Right now, I'm watching Gillmore Girls) I think I get in at least two hours of drawing, but often more.  I get caught up in my projects and don't want to go to bed.  

What is your favorite thing to illustrate? (human characters, nature...animals?)
I love drawing all sorts of characters, though I think I'd have to say that I like drawing children and pets best.  When I was about 19 I heard a quote - I can't remember the quote or who even said it lol!- but it talked about talents as a super power.  You can use them for good or evil.  Because my christian beliefs are a huge part of who I am, I decided that I always wanted to create and put things in the world that would honor and respect my Heavenly Father.  I treasure the experiences in my life where I have felt his love for me.  In my drawings I try to create images that give me that same feeling of innocence and love. 

Do you enjoy decorating?
Yes, I do.  Though I don't feel I'm very good at it.  I love to imagine and daydream of decorating my house, and I've got quite a pinterest board to prove it, but my imagination goes a lot faster than I do, or than my budget can keep up with.  So I'm mostly a decorator in my head. 

What other projects have you been working on?
I am a Mom and balancing my hobby with motherhood is a tricky balancing act that I'm constantly trying to master.  When I have lots of deadlines and projects I turn into grumpy Mom who neglects my home and family.  So I try hard to keep my projects to a minimum.  Right now, I am finishing up illustrations for volume 2 of Santa Clause Everyday, a book of stories about Santa and his everyday life. Once that is finished, I'm excited about two Christmas collections that I'm working on; "Ugly Christmas Sweater" and a Nativity set which will include coloring pages for the kiddos. 

Anything you'd like to say about how awesome it is to be a mom?
That's a loaded question. My experiences as a mother are a little different than most mothers.  I have three living children and have had many adventures with my pregnancies including a micro preemie who only weighed one pound at birth, and a daughter who has cerebral palsy.  I've learned more about life and myself through motherhood than anything else.  It is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it also brings me my greatest joys.  

Do you have a supportive spouse? 

Yes!  My husband is amazingly supportive and patient.  He doesn't complain when the dishes and laundry go for days without being done because I've gone crazy somehow.  (creatively or otherwise) And just a few weeks ago, he took off work and stayed home with the kids so I could get away by myself for a few days to recuperate from a case of Mommy burn-out. He's the best! I'll love him forever.

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See what I mean? Don't I make the most amazing friends? I know you'll be adding Susan Fitch to your favorites too! Who could resist her talent?


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