Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Emboss Paper in Photoshop Elements.

Today Toni Black said she'd like a tutorial on embossing paper in Photoshop Elements. Here you go!


After getting your background layer select the shape tool in the side bar.
At the top of the screen use the drop down menu to select a shape.


Drag and drop the shape to your background image. In the lower left sidebar you can click the color pallet to match it to your background. Use a click-hold to stretch the shape to the desired proportion.  You'll see the shape on the right hand of the screen in your layer section. You can double click the shape here to change the color if desired.


In Effects use the drop down menu to select the bevel screen. Select the bevel you want and drag/drop it over your shape. To adjust the bevel of the shape click on the fx in the shape layer in the lower left of your screen. This will open style settings. Here you can adjust the bevel using a click-hold with the size slide bar.


And that's how you emboss paper in Photoshop Elements. Bevel a shape the same color as your background. Voila!

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Toni said...

You are awesome! Thanks so much!