Sunday, February 23, 2014

Neal A. Maxwell Quote: "Faith in God Includes Faith in His Timing."

Look what I made with my Sunday's Guest Freebies Far Far Hill Papers (here)! I love Far Far Hill Papers. I love the prints and the textures. I took this freebie paper here and used it as a template to digitally cut the Far Far Hill paper into a scalloped pattern on the edge. Then I selected the now scalloped cream floral paper in Photoshop Elements...Ready for this? I'm going to bore everyone to sleep... Then in Photoshop Elements I contracted the selection by 40 pixels and feathered it by 40 pixels. I then chose to inverse my selection and used "enhance" and "lighting" to adjust the lighting and make the edges darker.  I added some drop shadows. I created the blue behind the quote by matching a square of color to the background paper and using a Photoshop Elements stamp shape (included in the software). Voila... Yeah, you're asleep. I know it. If you click on the image you'll be able to see it bigger or download it (for whatever reason, I'm not sure). 

It's funny that the quote is about timing because it takes a long time to download most things from Far Far Hill. I played on Pinterest for almost an hour while I waited for this paper pack to download. You can read about downloading from Far Far Hill HERE. I have to say that Sunday, my slower day and the day most filled with gratitude for my family, is a perfect Far Far Hill downloading day for me.

Aside from download timing I have a testimony about Heavenly Father's timing. There are things I'm doing now that trials years ago prepared me for; blessings I have now that I could only have because of what I passed through then. And way back in the day I really couldn't imagine why God wanted me to go through so much. It makes sense now but then I really had to pull out my faith. Have you ever had experiences like that? If you're having a difficult time right now, hang in there. Heavenly Father knows you. You are his child. You are under his watchful care. He hears your prayers and will answer them in His own way and in His own time. Whatever happens it will make you stronger.

I love this video on the subject of trials.

More than nine years ago we discovered that I have polycystic kidney disease, polycystic liver disease, and a liver adenoma. I remember how overwhelmed I was as I researched my condition and realized I would be ultimately dying from it. Over the years, walking with faith and staying near the Lord, I've come to realize He is guiding me through diet management and faith. I could possibly live a full life span if I keep eating all this green, leafy rabbit food. But really, He's helped me know that when the time comes I'll be with Him and my loved ones. It isn't something to fear. He has made a difficult trial more manageable. I've learned that the only difference between me and most people is that I simply know what I will die of and they don't know what they'll die of. And, back to the Apostle Neal A. Maxwell's above quote, I came to this place of peace in God's Time, not my own. I can honestly say, it's been worth the wait.


Sugar said...

Thanks for posting. I agree whole heartedly. It makes your great work and generosity, an even greater blessing.

God has also taught me faith and patience over many years. Few people believe and understand what my family and I have gone through, never alone that we have done so without wavering in our faith and with shalom throughout.
I also have an incurable and untreatable disease. It is a rare type of Mitochondrial disease. My youngest son has several genetic diseases and my husband has survived several tumors, 2 of which were in the brain.
Through all of this God was and is in control.

God uses us wherever we are and in whatever circumstances so long as we are willing and obedient.

Blessings to you. I will pray for you.

Administrator said...

It is so good to hear another story of faith. Thank you for sharing this.