Monday, December 2, 2013

Carl Larsson Digital Scrapbook Sofa Paper

        This is the part where I tell you: Carl Larsson was a Swedish painter who lived from 1853 to 1919. He's best known for his gorgeous water colors in the "Ett Hem" (At Home) picture book. Most of his paintings illustrated his family's idyllic countryside life and had an enormous influence on Swedish interior design for future generations. I've taken his print, "Cosy Corner" (From Ett Hem 1894) and extended it into a 12x12" 300dpi digital scrapbook page. I also created a matching plaid paper to go with it. I really think I'd like to cut out the space where the pictures on the wall are and insert my pictures there... The best part is Larsson knew geometry (That or he was skilled with a ruler.) so I can cut out those spaces with a simple rectangular marquee PSE tool. The painting is located in the National Museum in Stockholm
        Then you say something like, "WoW! I never thought of scrapping with classic art before." 
        I then look away modestly, knowing I'm brilliant while I tell you, "I'm sure you would have thought of it eventually, dear." 
        Guess what I've been doing? I've been digi cutting the furniture and elements on the pages to make an element pack... I know, so cool, huh? I love PSE. I'm going to yank these off the free market in a week or so and put them in a for sale kit so pick them up while you can. (Geepers, men smoked some pretty long pipes back then...And is that a naked guy in the blue frame behind the couch?  What is it with artists and naked?)
In Google Docs/Drive choose file and download to download the zip of these two papers.




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