Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thank God for Dirty Dishes

Can you hear it calling you? Tons of Wikimedia Commons public domain paintings are whispering your name, begging to be used on your scrapbook pages...Shhhhh, Yes, that was definitely your name. Scrap in style with the master painters of yesterday. Have you used Wikimedia Commons in your digital scrapbooking? You should. They are made to order for what you need. Hubby have a golf tournament? Daughter sad about something? Try a search of golf painting or painting of sad girl...just want pretty flowers? Flower painting search. I think we're greatly under using this resource. What better art to put on your pages than the masters?

Here it is 12x12 inches on Wikimedia Commons for you to download. If I wasn't such a lazy goose I could make it in an 8x10 or 11x14. It would be perfect on a 12 inch floor tile with a little easel for display.

I made it with this painting: Laurens Craen - Still life with imaginary view.

And this free Granny Enchanted Paper Pack.

And it was inspired by this cute blog post HERE.


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