Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free Autumn Flame Digi Scrapbook PNG Elements

So I know you're surprised that Halloween and Thanksgiving is out in the stores right now. I think it's a hint from heaven...something like if you prepare now you'll have an awesome fall. Really, why not? You know how it feels to sit at Thanksgiving dinner... the one you barely had time to slide into your chair and eat because you'd been preparing it in a frenzy. Give yourself a break..Give yourself that awesome little future pat on the back because in SEPTEMBER you actually prepared cute little name cards for everyone's place, maybe sent out invitations, perhaps scrapped little ancestor photos or things to be grateful for to start one of those family discussions you'll never forget... Or you could barely hang on as November barrels down upon you. Hint: look in my elements directory under leaves and print leaves to make garlands and banners around the house, from the mantle, on your front door. Go to! FALL in love with AUTUMN while it's still hot outside. It will make the hot apple cider that much sweeter.

Free Elements Pack
In Google Docs/Drive choose File and Download.

Pick up individual pieces of this element pack HERE.

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10W1D2B1 Free Autumn Flame Digi Scrapbook PNG Elements

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