Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday's Guest Freebies ~ Far Far Hill

I found the warning "Your system doesn't support this file. Click HERE to get the plugin" to be a lie on my Far Far Hill downloads. The files are fine/normal. DespositFiles is trying to be tricky and sell you things you don't need. Don't fall for it. After one download I get the message: Attention! Connection limit has been exhausted for your IP address! Please try in 35 minute(s). Is it worth it to you to wait? I suggest putting the images of kits you want from Far Far Hill on a Pinterest board and get to it when you get to it. If you're a downloader that likes to do them all in one day Far Far Hill may not be the source for you.

Free users who want to download files from the file hosting service Depositfiles need to wait 60 seconds before they can download the first files. Additional time limits are added once a few downloads have been made. The drawback of Depositfiles is its limited download caps and appallingly slow speeds

Why would Far Far Hill choose to use DepositFiles.Com to host their free downloading? They get paid for each time you download. They have high quality designs. I love their work. Is it a pain to download Far Far Hill Freebies? Yes. Is it worth it? That's a question I cannot answer for you. However, for me, yes, it is worth it.

To download from Deposit Files I choose "Regular Download." Then I get a pop-up ad. After I close the ad I have to click "Regular Download" again....Then I have to wait (Presumably so I can read their delightful advertisements about how I need to buy their DepositFiles products). Then I can find the tiny link to download in regular mode. And I wait while it downloads for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by! Shameless self advertising:

More about DepositFiles:
  1. Service issues a message "connection limit has been exhausted for your IP address, please try again in 5 (25, 55, etc.) minutes". What should I do to download a file?
  2. provides equally high qualified services to users from all the regions of the globe, regardless of size downloads, download time, user's browser and other parameters. With this purpose the system of dynamic load distribution was implemented. It operates on the following principle: “All users should have an opportunity to download large files and with good speed for FREE”
    As download priority speed is given for GOLD Users, other users can download quickly only one by one file (first one, then another one). The time spent in the line (the phrase "try again in 10 minutes") depends on various factors ( file’s popularity, DepositFiles server load from your network segment, time of day , etc.), the main thing among which is the file size. The larger the file downloaded from your IP address is before, the more waiting time is. Therefore, in order to reduce waiting time we recommend to download small files at the beginning. Also , as the system recognizes users by their IP address, you can change your address and try to download the file again.
    1. How many files can I download from DepositFiles?
    2. The size of files you can download from DepositFiles depends on your ISP and your account status. Downloading files as Free User uninterruptedly and with speed restrictions you will have about 5 GB downloaded per day. All GOLD Users can download with maximum available speed. After reaching the 20 GB per day, the technical speed limit may be applied.

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