Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday's Guest Freebies ~ Far Far Hill

Thanks for stopping by! Shameless self advertising:


DMiller584 said...

Why do you use that horrible site for uploading and downloading your pictures? Use Google+ for free and it fast and easy for everyone.

Administrator said...

I use Google Docs. I don't think it is that bad other than having to click "file" before "download." Far Far Hill, on the other hand, does use an advertisement intensive site. Some sites like that actually pay contributors each time something is downloaded, thus pulling in freebie hunters to see their advertising. I could probably make a lot of money from hosting on a site like that... but I love my viewers and haven't wanted to bother them so much. In the end I enjoy Far Far Hill downloads so much that I put up with the horrible hosting site. I am not affiliated with Far Far Hill and have never met with or communicated with the owners. I just let people know about their gorgeous freebies (Okay, gorgeous, pain to download, freebies).