Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday's Guest Freebies


There's purple and then there's lavender that
pops off a page and smells like fragrant,
romantic springtime. Capeesh? (Me misspelling
Italian.  Have to love that)

I know this is why God made spiral notebooks
to doodle on.  I love these pen and ink looking


This goes off the freebie list at the end of April
The colors are so... are so... Well, I couldn't
resist them, anyway.
Picket fence and wagon wheel: MUST HAVE.


Scrap Matters has some darling things.  This is
what I'm going to use for my airplane pictures of
the last vacation.

Oh, that's a cute frame... what do you call that?
cluster?  Card front?  Educate me.  I know, I'll
just call it CUTE.

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