Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Blue Mouse Ears Scrapbook Paper

In Google Docs Choose "File" then "Download." 
We visited Disneyland this week.
I took pictures of bathroom tiles, 
garbage can illustrations, here a
swirl, there a swirl... I even stopped
other vacationers and begged for 
pictures of their shirts because I 
knew I'd be able to come home and
use them in my scrapbooks.  My
kids were wrestling to take my 
camera away.  I suppose I got a little
annoying.  I have soooo many
pictures to scrap now!  I can't wait.
We had Princess CarryMe, Princess
LimpsAlot, Princess BarfsAlot,
Prince CoughsAlot, King EatsAlot,
and me, Queen SpendsAlot.  Need-
less to say, next time we visit my 
kids will be on a diet of health food
for 2 weeks before we fly out.
Luckily Princess BarfsAlot didn't
earn her name until the last day.

1 comment:

Avril said...

Many thanks) Purrfect for my kitten's scrapbook. Blue mousies are a current topic amongst his Twitter friends;)