Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Guest Freebies

I adore the simplicity of this frame.

Oh, little hinge... how can I use thee?  Let me count
the ways...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...

I have such a tender soft spot for birds... Super cute!

My daughter has been beating me at Scrabble all
week... so in honor of  my Flex... my ego on the next
turn FlexES (All triple word score mind you) and her
little 12 year old REflexes that blew me out of the
water, I hereby love this word art.

OH!! Surely somebody will love this cluster as much
as I do.  It has to be shared.

This is another one of those almost fainted with glee
freebies!  I do love keys!!

Amazing!  I am loving this frame!!

Matching Papers!!  Could life get any better?


Ponytails said...

Thank you for posting my freebie on your blog. Glad you like it! Just wanted to let you know too, that I've added your blog to my "Pages of Note" page on my blog.

Dee said...

Hi Sheryl hope this note finds you well. Many thanks for highlighting my freebie. Hugs Dee