Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday's Guest Freebies

Boy...Girl...Vacation...Family... This kit covers
everything and there are elements that match it for
free.  Love it.

The green is the selling point on this one.  Check
out those green hearts trailing off the frame cluster.

Scrap Dot... not surprised.  Couldn't love 'em more.

I wonder if these come in vinyl for my wall.

Oh!Oh!Oh! Clever Wire... If I had more time I'd
kick through my papers for you... but I have so
much to match this.  How darling!!! Would require
some skilled cropping but how worth it. 

I couldn't leave this one after falling in love with the
keys.  How beautiful!!! Plenty of brads helps too.

I could go on and on about loving Far Far Hill... I
won't.  But I want to.

Ladies and Gents, you've just reached tag heaven.

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Mira Julia - Lala said...

Thank you for highligthing my freebie on your blog. Always happy when someone like my work :)