Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free Rose Tags Digi Scrapbook Kit with Papers, Alphabet, and Embellishments...again

I am re-posting yesterday's old news today.  I love it anyway.  Today I'm taking my father Christmas shopping.  I am  excited to spend quality time with him.  He is in end stage liver failure and on a transplant list but we never know how much time we have with him before he returns home to our Heavenly Father.  These days where we can walk and laugh together are choice.  So I'll think of you when I'm flipping price tags over at the antique stores. xoxoxoxo Oh, it's a little rough, but I've started my PNG directory.  The under construction link in is live.  I don't even want to count how many PNGs will be on there.  It's too many and I don't want to give up before I start.  So I'll say there are some now.  I didn't realize I have so many brads.  I should pop up a brad blog.
The above image preview will only take you to the paper pack zipped download.  The kit comes in 4 parts below, one of which is a guest freebie.

These tags are from CallMeVictorian.Com.  You'll find the phrase "Links to full size Images," "Rose Tag," and "Rose Tag 2" Follow the Rose Tag and Rose Tag 2 links to enlarge the image.  Right click the enlarged image and "Save Image As..."  I was so impressed with these tags I had to make something to go with them.  Be sure to visit her website and other free printables.  I wish her comments weren't closed on these because I'd sure love to thank her.

two free rose tags

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