Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free Purple Fluff Digi Scrapbook Alphabet

 Download a zip of this alphabet HERE. 

To acquire an individual PNG image left click to enlarge.
Right click enlarged image and "Save Image As..."
*Disclaimer* I made this alpha before I stopped dropping shadows.  
You'll live.  It's free. Visit the alpha directory for more in this style.


Purp Fluff Alpha 1214


Anonymous said...

your alpha looks great, thank you , but ..there is no option to d/l the 26 letters in 1 zip ?? we have to load every separate letter times x 26 ?? oh my .. pls make a zip folder with all letters inside , that would be much more practical - Thanks !

Administrator said...

In all my current alphabets the zip is at the top in and under the alphabet preview. I tested it and it goes the the correct links. I'm not sure where your problem is.

Administrator said...

I list the alphabet letters separately as a courtesy to those who don't want the whole alphabet. Perhaps you scrolled down before looking at the zip option?