Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Printable Freebie and Friday's Guest Freebies ~ Harper Finch

I know I'm late but I did actually make a Christmas Advent box this year. I could use it as a gift box. I could use it as Christmas countdown. I could fill it with a Christmas scripture or quote that we could read every night as a family before family scripture study. I've even thought about sticking one piece of our nativity set in there each day for the children to pull out. However, after much deliberation I'm going to have the children put "gifts" to Jesus in it. I'll have them write down a gift they'll give Jesus this year and place it in the box each day. Surely they can think of fifteen gifts, right? I couldn't decide if the 25th should be a picture of the Christ child or a phrase so I gave myself some options.

I thought you would enjoy the "Christmas Tree" I found on Clker here. I made it up in teal as a png -but it's rough. Then I thought if I really knew you guys you'd like png files of the numbers.  And, though I love you, I gave up when the alphabet became too tedious to save each letter one by one. But I do have this as a zip with the chevron paper, box front, numbers, tree, and brads (not alpha).

Directions: Cut out the front and back of the box template from the PDF (pages 1 &2). Fold along the black lines. Tape the sides at the three corners. Nest the back of the box into the front. Place a piece of clear tape on the front of the box. Roll a piece of tape so the sticky side is out and place that on the smooth tape you placed first. On the back of the numbers place a piece of clear tape. This way the smooth surface on the box and on the numbers will stick to the rolled tape, which should last the next 15 days, and be easy to remove.  Other ways to stick numbers would be wall putty, decorative stick pins, a thumb tack.... the list could go on and on.

I would LOVE comments about what you're going to do with your box!
~Sheryl Johnson (Granny E)

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