Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Free Digital Scrapbook Quick Page (213-1)

Free Digital Scrapbook Quick Page:

I found this darling picture on Wikimedia Commons and had to make a scrapbook page for it.
Find the ingredients below.

Here is a video of how we made it (2:15):

Photo by Dave Buchwald:
File:Candid portrait of a little girl.jpg


Lynn Collins said...

What program was it that you used to make the digital Frame? If I may ask....I watched your video and just wondered. Thank you! Awesome Job!

Administrator said...

Photoshop Elements 10. The white picture frame area was just a rectangular color fill (white) simplified. To make the quick page I inserted the picture, made it smaller than the white area, merged all layers below the picture layer (after I drop shadowed them), selected the picture space, hid the picture, and cut the selection out of the layers below to make the hole (transparent space). Then I saved the file as a png to keep it a transparent space and offer it as a quick page 12x12" 300dpi. Clear as mud?