Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday's Guest Freebie ~ Jennifer Scraps

I have one of the largest digital scrapbook freebies boards on Pinterest.  Follow it for more freebies.

6 Guest Digital Scrapbook Freebies:
Free digital scrapbook papers and elements from Jennifer Scraps:
We are sorry for the inconvenience. This highlight has been removed.

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About my Guest Freebies: I enjoy sharing gorgeous Digital Scrapbook Freebies I find every day. The digi scrap world is full of freebies from generous designers. These Freebies are linked to the original post where I found them. In most cases I have not created these freebies and am not promoting them for advertising $. Indeed, in most cases I've never even met the designers. This is a service for GrannyEnchanted followers. You've told me you enjoy it so I'm still highlighting guests. It is always nice to leave a "Thank you" on the guest's page if you download a freebie from them. I schedule these posts in advance and apologize if any freebies have expired by the time you see them. As always, a big thank you to the generous and talented designers featured here.

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Find more digital scrapbook freebies at:


Jennifer Tough said...

Hi there,

Can you please let me know the link that caused the problem? All of the links should point to my google drive, and all are scanned. Thanks! ~ jennifer AKA jenniferscraps

Administrator said...

Hello Jennifer. Your freebies are darling. We had a guest report that she tried to pick up a freebie from your site and picked up a virus that was caught by her virus protection. When we investigated we found that at times clicking in your site would boot us to another unrelated page offering a spam download. This is actually a virus. Unfortunately I am familiar with a very similar or the same virus that was caught by two of my own sites. I paid Godaddy to find and clear one site. It took them a very long time because GrannyEnchanted.com was so large. The virus boots the user to a spam site, but not every click. Usually if they visit your site and are sent by the virus to a spam page the next time they visit your site it will not happen (at least during that browser session). Good luck with it. Perhaps ask your fans and users if they are experiencing anything. Because I don't know the exact details of the problem I'll take down the wording. Ultimately your freebies are download-able and most people will be able to notice the hokey spam pages for what they are.

Administrator said...

Yes, I just checked it in explorer too (I was checking in chrome before). It just sent me here (don't recommend clicking on it): http://cdn.freefango.com/lp/?btp_h=8e245845d9e19d2132658921517d4eda&appid=3094&clickid=70003454183110035&dladv=ironsourceinstallerwin&lpc=214ffaef&dialog=dlready&lang=auto&bri=v2&cds=2 It doesn't seem to be related to a particular post, just stuck on the site. I think it can be picked up by the site through apps and add-ons to the site.

Jennifer Tough said...

Yikes! Thanks so much for letting me know. I think I'll have to sick hubby on this one. It's wordpress...could be anything :-( I'll get it fixed up. I would hate to think that anyone received a virus from my site....


Administrator said...

I feel your pain. Oh how I hated having that virus. I actually took the other site down and forwarded it to a blog. I'm still playing catch up on links. Good luck.