Friday, March 13, 2015

The Family School Curriculum: 6 months For $1.00 (Limited Time Only)

This is my life's work. This is what I help create with my every spare minute.
There isn't a better program in the WORLD. ~ Sheryl C.S. Johnson (GrannyEnchanted.Com) 

The Very Best of American Heritage School at home for $1 dollar!?

During last Saturday’s Latter-day Learning Conference we announced a very exciting but limited-time promotion: Starting now and until March 31, 2015, American Heritage School families and friends can sign-up for unlimited access to for only $1 dollar by becoming a member using promotion code “FoundingFamily2015” — sign up here now! includes over 500 lesson plans in science, history, literature, art, geography, and music — enriched with scripture and a faithful worldview — fully searchable and including thousands of related activities, assignments, videos, flashcards, etc. This content has been in high demand, used by over 6,000 students around the world, and selling for over $400 per “year” volume. It will now be offered to the public in an all-access monthly subscription of $29.99, plus a one-time $30.00 account set-up fee. But you can get a six-month subscription for $1 dollar THIS MONTH ONLY giving you full access to these materials through September 1, 2015, at which point you would also receive a discounted monthly subscription rate of $19.99 per month for September and forward — but only if you signed up with the $1 dollar promotion in March 2015. Enjoy the very best of AHS at home, and become a part of American Heritage School’s growing worldwide community! Here's how to sign up:

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