Sunday, February 22, 2015

Free Owl Printable Pattern

I saved my pattern for you. When it was time to make our doll today my daughter wanted an owl instead. Really!!??  It must have been Karma doing me bad because I smoked up the sewing machine and was so frustrated by the end that I stuttered up a storm. I have a glitch from a car accident when I was 19. If I get exhausted or frustrated I stutter like Forest Gump. And when it happens I'm about that smart too. It's pretty rare and I've learned to laugh at it but it sure worries my family. Anyway, imagine me stuttering with feather down flying and the home teacher ringing the doorbell. But it was worth it. Boy, did my kid smile up a storm.

What I learned from making this pattern:
  1. You can't stuff tiny owl's feet and Beaks that have iron on transfer paper on them. If you have yellow fabric do that instead...eye twitching just...ju... ju...just thinkin' about it.
  2. When you're at the end of your rope pull out the glue gun... Who needs thread?
  3. Feather down boas hide a funky sewing job.
  4. It really doesn't take a perfect work of art to make a ten year old happy.
  5. Don't get attached to your work because she's going to make it a barn owl by taking a marker to it anyway.
  6. Home Teachers can make the world slow down and turn it upside right again.

The only reason I didn't run for the hills when she wanted an owl is because I have made geese... boy have I made geese. It started with one... but then that one wanted to get married she said... then after a week or two they needed to have babies. So we have these laying all over our house. The "feather" trim is that funky, hairy white yarn. The pattern is on paper towels....Really, you don't want me to scan that in do you?


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