Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LDS Blogtrain: Be Prepared 11-2014

A really great resource for emergency preparedness information is our government!
www.ready.gov  will help you plan for the emergencies that might be coming your way. Let's face it, in Utah we're waiting for our big Wasatch Front earthquake, but if I move I'm sure I'll be in tornado country, flood country, tsunami country... raining frog country, drought country... We can't move away from emergencies so we need to prepare for them. I have a friend that, when the lights go out, her family cheers like a bunch of crazy maniacs because her preparedness kit is so much fun. They drink hot coco, play games in the romantic lighting of candles, and tell ghost stories by flashlight. Suddenly something frustrating like a power outage becomes something great and full of family memories.
Ready: Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

"Be Prepared" LDS Blog Train Roll:

LDS Blog Train Digital Scrapbook Be Prepared    

The LDS BlogTrain begins on 11-15-2015. 
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