Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Guest Freebies ~ ComputerScrapbook.Com

About my Guest Freebies: I like to share gorgeous Digital Scrapbook Freebies I find every day. The digi scrap world is full of freebies from generous designers. These Freebies are linked to the original post where I found them. In most cases I have not created these freebies and am not promoting them for advertising $. Indeed, in most cases I've never even met the designers. This is a service for GrannyEnchanted followers. You've told me you enjoy it so I'm still highlighting guests. It is always nice to leave a "Thank you" on the guest's page if you download a freebie from them. I schedule these posts in advance and apologize if any freebies have expired by the time you see them. As always, a big thank you to the generous and talented designers featured here.
I have one of the largest, if not THEE largest, digital scrapbook freebies boards on Pinterest. You're always welcome to follow it for more freebies.
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These are free from a store so you'll be trading them for you name, address, and email. However, since they're all from the same store you can pick them up in one order. Some of you will not want to enter the data they require. I respect that but they were too cute not to highlight.

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