Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Shabby Find" Facebook Freebie

"Shabby Find" Kit

Facebook Fan Freebie.

This Shabby Find digital scrapbook kit was available as a freebie on my FaceBook page through 3/18/2012.

I will eventually get around to putting this in some store or other, but until I do enjoy my procrastination.

In Google Docs choose "file" and "Download." I have this instruction everywhere because Google Docs sometimes lists the contents of a zip file and it looks like you have to download individual files. You don't.

The Alphabet is always free and available. You'll find it in the free alphabet directory HERE.

This freebie has expired.
Visit our current Facebook freebies Here:
They both Expire 3/31/2013


Misty's said...

Thank you very much. GORGEOUS! xx

Unknown said...

Any way to still get this? Please?! twenty9designs@gmail.com