Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Halloween Words" Free Digital Scrapbook Kit with Alphabet, Papers, and Elements

While my HTML/Compose functions in blogger are having issues I'll revisit some really old kits.  I'm in the mood for fall.  Remember I have everything I've done... all the freebies.... Well over a thousand images, maybe 2 thousand by now... in my directories.  You're sure to find something you like because my moods change and I'm fickle. 
To acquire an individual PNG image left click image to enlarge.
Right click image and "Save Image As..." to download.

Really, really old kit.  
The zip for the Alpha is here. 
In Google Docs choose file and download



In Google Docs choose file and download
This alphabet comes in JPG, PNG, Lower Case, and Upper Case.  You'll have to visit its directory page to see all your options.  This post only includes upper case PNG.

Click the below image to enlarge and see what I did with my own papers... And a generous neighbor's picture.

Yes, this is my darling Halloween Word alphabet that you've seen without a kit, but let's face it, back then (a scant few weeks ago) I was getting 10% of the views I'm getting now so there are hundreds and by the end of next week thousands of you that will want to see this alphabet again in a kit.  Please forgive me, for the small drop shadow on the letters.  A few weeks ago I didn't know better. I may revisit this in the future and create it with no drop shadow.


My Levi Freebie is available now:


Here's a free kit from earlier this week:


Here'as another free kit:

Hard to see here, but the below paper is grunged and dirty:

For a 12x12" of this paper that isn't grunged use the below link:

The below Free Kit is my most visited of all time:

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