Wednesday, June 27, 2012

$2.00 Kid's Alphabet and Numbers-disabled

I recently went to vote with my husband in our Primary Elections.  The voting was held in an elementary school gym near us. On the wall were these darling stick people.  I fell in love with them right away and took some pictures of a few of them with my cell phone.

As soon as I got home I turned on the Photoshop and went to work on this alpha.  I mean, pretty easy people right?  But alas, today on Facebook I got this message: 
"I am an artist who does stick people. The art in your alphabet with stick figures is way too close a resemblance to my own art. Consider revising it or I may seek legal action. -Amy Dott"

I was surprised and a little worried so I Googled Amy Dott stick people and found:

Which, though very hand drawn and darling, is a collection of stick figures. And like most stick figures, not being able to vary in great degrees, they do look related, almost like they'd be...stick figures.  And to be sure my funky fingers, though they're all the exact same hand repeated, shaded and scribbled in Photoshop... could look a little like Amy's funky fingers.

So what to do?  I sure didn't mean to copy another artist pound for pound or stick for stick.

However, with some Google Image study, Amy's work was out there first.  Besides, who knows if whatever lunch lady decorated the wall at the elementary had been thinking of Amy's designs herself?

I know you love this alphabet so I will revise it, I'm trying not to smirk as I type this, to try not to infringe on any stick people family that has previous to this been created.

I don't really think I'd have much trouble leaving it up, but I have offended a fellow artist.  And for that I am sorry.  The offence was unintentional.  With my Photoshop talent it will not be a difficult thing for me to come up with something else... still holding my chalkboard letters. I'm leaving this link up because I want my viewer's help with my new Kids alphabet.  What would make a stick person not a copy of another stick person?  Is it the smile, the hands, the colors, the basic geometric shapes?  Because when I do it again, I want to make sure there's no Amy Dott out there who would be sad to see it. ~So Help Me, Please~ I want your honest opinion.  What would you like to see in these stick people? Thanks -Granny E.

Because of this adventure links on this page have been disabled in an attempt to not offend another artist. This alphabet is no longer available for sale or download.


This zip includes numbers 1-9
And you can use the letter 0 as
a zero.

The letters are held by a variety of children.
Each illustration is different.

You may click and enlarge these
to see a sample.

Request #51147 "Kids Alphabet & Numbers" created

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