Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Love Laurie Made Me Scraps Reindeer

****Sorry, Laurie's blog post with these darling elements is no longer available****
This wins THEE most delightful reindeer award!!!!  And the trees are pretty cute too.  
Follow the image link to Laurie's blog to download this freebie.  
Look what I did with it below, using my papers.

Visit Laurie to Pick up these Elements

These free papers came from these posts:

To acquire an individual PNG image left click image to enlarge.
Right click enlarged image and "Save Image As..."


Ann said...

Hi Granny
Love what you did with the little deers its awesome ty for posting it on your blog !:) I'd love to show it off if you don't mind and will link you
under my post
big hugs

Ann said...

ps ty for sharing your awesome papers and alpha and stars snagged them while I was here
big hugs,Laurie

Administrator said...

I was so tickled when I saw these reindeer. I go through various freebies every day and this delighted my eyes.

Christine said...

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of these adorable reindeers, but thank you mostly for all the wonderful freebies that I have just discovered on your site. I very much appreciate your generosity.

Diane said...

Very pretty set Ÿ

Sally said...

Hi there!
I came across your wonderful place/spot of freebies. Thanks for sharing by the way! I was wondering if it was possible to have or download these wonderful "Forest Friends Reindeer Elements" by Laurie for that I did follow its link to Laurie's but there's NO way of joining her blog please let me know by sending me an email with this zipped file to: sallyrocher@homtmail.com
Thanks so much for your time on this. Have a g'day!
PS Be awaiting your reply.

Sally said...

Sorry: mispelled email@:

Thanks a bunch!

Administrator said...

Done. I know sometimes Laurie's blog won't come up. Thank you for letting me know.

lemondedis said...

il est malheureusement impossible de se connecter au blog concerné : l'accès ne se fait que sur invitation, mais comment en obtenir une ?!?... ces rennes sont adorables, mais "inaccessibles"... dommage...

lemondedis said...

je vais faire comme la personne précédente et vous laisser mon adresse mail... et croiser les doigts pour que ça marche !!!...